5 Security Lessons WannaCry Taught Us the Hard Way

Good article from ‘DarkReading’ on the lessons learnt from the WannaCry attacks:

“The scope and severity of the fallout from the WannaCry attacks over the past week elicits plenty of “we told you so” head shakes about the dangers of ransomware. With a lightning-fast speed, the blackmail worm spread quickly.

The attacks against the UK’s National Health Service put hospital operations at a standstill and threatened the health of real people.

According to estimates from Cyence researchers, the business interruption costs to companies from WannaCry will add up to over $8 billion.”

Lesson 1: Vulnerability and Patch Management Overshadow Everything. This is just as important for IoT devices as it is for PCs Laptops and Servers.

Lesson 2: Unknown Assets Can Bite You in the Rear

Lesson 3: Network Segmentation Can Be a Valuable Risk Reducer

Lesson 4: Security Has Real-World Repercussions

Lesson 5: It’s Easy to Forget the ‘A’ in Security’s ‘CIA’

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