Connect2 Systems

Companies are facing a common set of challenges and issues:

  • How do you interoperate with a broad range of devices and systems in a typical complex industrial environment?
  • The sensors/devices deployed as part of a Industrial IoT solution are often deployed in remote or difficult to access locations and therefore you need an easy way to monitor, manage and upgrade them
  • Security is a major concern

In order to address these challenges and overcome the key issues, Connect2 specialise in helping companies to securely integrate sensors, wireless sensor networks and control systems with IoT Application Platforms and Enterprise Systems.

What We Offer

  • Remote Over-The-Air (OTA) management and monitoring solution for edge gateways, edge nodes and wireless sensor networks
  • A solution to connect sensors and actuators with IoT Application Platforms and Enterprise Systems over wired and wireless networks
  • UK Business Partner/Distributor for Advantech B+B SmartWorx cellular and wireless sensor network products
  • Technical design and integration consultancy services
  • Custom hardware and embedded software services


Connect2 Systems has decades of experience gained with technically demanding projects utilising sensors, cellular and Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) and wireless sensor technologies, examples include:

  • Real-time Asset Monitoring systems
  • Environmental control systems for equipment and crew in military land and air systems
  • Sprinkler flow detection systems
  • Train door control systems
  • RFID passive tags
  • Subsea pressure transducers
  • Dairy equipment
  • Wireless Sensor Networks, sensors and protocol converters

Leadership Team

Steve Rutherford


Steve has over 35 years experience as an embedded control systems hardware and software engineer in the defence, construction, industrial, entertainment and transportation sectors.

Steve has run his own design development company since 1983. He has worked on projects across the world including USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and Europe.

Steve co-founded Connect2 Systems in 2014.

Duncan Purves


Duncan co-founded Connect2 Systems in 2014, with over 25 years experience in the IoT, M2M, IT and Telecommunications industries working for IBM, Vodafone, BellSouth, and Motorola. Before co founding Connect2 Systems he spent 15 years with IBM. Whilst at IBM, he held various business development and technical positions within the Smarter Cities, Telecommunications and Pervasive Computing divisions.

Duncan’s early career experience was gained in the Defence & Space industry as an engineer; working for companies involved in ‘state of the art’ microwave and electronic component and system design, development and manufacture.