Secure IoT – 17th October 2017 – More speakers Announced

Internet of Things (IoT) Security is a real concern for end users and organisations due to the ever-increasing number of attacks by hackers on IoT devices, networks and infrastructure that has led to:

  • DDoS attacks caused by IoT Botnets
  • ransomware
  • damage to Industrial infrastructure and control systems
  • potential harm to people
  • theft of customer personal data and invasion of privacy.

The Secure IoT event aims to bring together leading experts in the field of IoT and Cybersecurity to educate participants on the:

  • potential threats and risks to their organisation
  • highlight real world examples of IoT attacks and the damage caused
  • IoT security best practice and frameworks

The event will also give participants the opportunity to network and meet leading experts and companies offering security products, solutions and services.


Confirmed speakers/companies include:

  • Ken Munro – Pen Test Partners
  • Ray Evans – IBM
  • John Donnelly – Microsoft
  • Erik Jacobson – Arm
  • Cisco
  • Laurens van Oijen – UL
  • Professor Mark Zwolinski – Electronics and Computer, Science, University of Southampton
  • Richard Marshall – IoT Security Foundation
  • Bryon Lowen – T&VS
  • Edward Williams – Trustwave
  • Robin Kennedy – Knowledge Transfer Network
  • Duncan Purves – Connect2 Systems
  • Rob Dobson – Device Authority
  • Campbell Elder – Multitech
  • Mark Tootell – InVMA

The event is supported by the Knowledge Transfer Network, Innovate UK’s network partner.