Device Management and Monitoring Solution

The ability to securely remotely manage and monitor constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices and networks is a key market requirement as:

  • Industrial IoT devices are typically deployed in inaccessible places and the cost of managing and maintaining these e.g. to upgrade the firmware or change configuration settings can be prohibitive
  • Manufacturers and suppliers are under pressure to shorten Time-To-Market of new products – which means that the devices are often shipped and deployed with embedded software bugs or features missing
  • Security is a key concern and the ability to update software/firmware over the long-lived lifetime of industrial IoT devices is essential

To meet this requirement Connect2 Systems have developed a remote ‘Over-The-Air’ (OTA) Device Management and Monitoring solution.




  • Support for legacy systems and equipment and protocols
  • Constrained IoT edge devices & sensors
  • Wide Area Gateways


  • Device configuration
  • Device info & health checks
  • Communication network status and health checks
  • Execution of application functions/scripts
  • Software and firmware upgrade over low bandwidth lossy wireless networks


  • Encryption
  • Authorisation
  • Authentication
  • Integrity


Device Management APIs

  • A set of APIs that can be called by your application to manage edge devices, wireless sensor networks and gateways
  • Device Management Server hosted in the Cloud or on premise


  • Integration and customisation of our device management client and edge gateway software to run on your hardware platform and with your sensors and equipment
  • Protocol conversation
  • Integration with your back-end application systems

Consulting Services

  • Tailored consulting services sharing our expertise of device management, the IoT and wireless technologies